Bringing a guest with you

As the infusion process can be rather long, it is not uncommon for patients to have a guest come along to keep them company. We are fine with this but do need to know in advance so that we can make sure we have a larger room for you.

Adult guests:

Please let them know that we are a "smoke-free" facility and provide no space outdoors for smoking. We also ask if they do smoke, that they should probably put on freshly laundered clothing as the odors may cause issues for you or other guests. Quite often, some nausa is related to IVIG infusions and so we are careful about these issues. While we repect your right to smoke, we must also respect the comfort of other patients that may in fact be hyper-sensitive to the odors.


Children are welcome as long as they behave in a manner acceptable to the environment. Kids will be kids! but we try to maintain a peaceful and quiet aptmosphere for other patients. We provide TV , DVD as well as a WiFi connection to help keep them occupied. Highly energetic kids may have a tough time sitting still for up to 4 hours. Please keep their comfort in mind before bringing them along.