What Can I Expect

A typical office visit usually takes an hour or less. If you visit us for an allergy shot, you can expect about a 30 minute visit. All allergy shot patients MUST remain in the office for a minimum of 20 minutes after injections. This is for your safety and well being. Patients that break this rule will not be treated.

If you are being allergy tested, expect about 2-3 hours in our office. Much of the time is spent sitting still and so a book or web enabled device might be a good idea.

Most infusions take between 2 and 4 hours. Your nurse can advise you beforehand as to how long your initial visit will take and follow up visits. Infusions (IVIG) are a protein based and must be introduced to the body in a slow and controlled manner or you can become physically ill or have other adverse reactions such as headaches, nausea or just not feeling very well.

You should plan on wearing something loose and comfortable while in for treatment. Many patients bring their own pillow and blanket (although we do have them if you need them).

We have cable tv as well as DVD players (and some movies) that are yours to use while you are here. A good movie can go a long ways to make your visit go by a bit faster. We also provide a WiFi connection so bring your web enabled devices if you like.